The company is mainly engaged in the production of high-performance glass fiber and its products, with more than 30 categories and more than 200 varieties. It is one of the enterprises with a complete range of glass fiber industry in China. It has mastered the internationally advanced independent core technology of glass fiber manufacturing, and the world's most advanced tank furnace wire drawing technology has been put into use, with more than 60 invention patents and practical patents.
The company produces glass fiber reinforced plastic tanks, integrated pump stations, glass fiber reinforced plastic tiles (lighting tiles, transparent tiles, aluminum-plastic heat insulation tiles, anti-corrosion tiles), glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles (square tubes, round tubes, I-beams, angle steels, radomes), glass fiber reinforced plastic gratings (#25, 30#, #38, #50), glass fiber reinforced plastic molded (SMC, BMC) products and other glass fiber reinforced plastic products. The company has its own installation team, with the installation capacity of various FRP equipment, and can make FRP products of any angle and various specifications and models on site according to the construction requirements.
Relying on the resource advantages of Weibo group in the field of new materials, Phoenix RV continues to explore and innovate in the field of RV. It has a professional team to produce and manufacture all kinds of self-propelled, trailer type, camp RV and various types of FRP carriage plates, with an annual production capacity of more than 500 sets. It continues to build production bases, RV clubs, campsites, sales companies, etc., to provide customers with RV customization Leasing and a series of supporting services.
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